Advantages of our electric Home lifts with traction Belt Systems

What are the advantages of our electric home lifts with the traction belt system in comparison with steel cable Home lifts? Throughout the article we will answer this question, delving into the innovative operation by timing belts of the SHE-Elevator that makes it different from other domestic lifts.

Our home lift works through a toothed belt made up of 22 steel cables 1 mm thick and a pulley that gives traction to said belt by meshing it. This operation has great benefits that we will detail below:

  1. Easy and fast assembly

The assembly of one of the home lifts with steel cables and counterweight is more tedious since the suspension is  2-1 and has to pass the cables through the pulleys, through the counterweight and the car. In the case of SHE-Elevator it is much simpler.

It has no counterweight and the suspension is 1-1, passing the belts through the pulley on the bench and through the start of the guides. Assembly is significantly reduced as the pit pulley is preassembled with the guide starter. This has two tensioners, through which the strap is adjusted by tightening them to a greater or lesser extent.

  1. Noise and vibrations reduction

The belts make less noise than steel cables, since the latter are inserted in a pulley also made of steel and the friction between them causes the elevator to produce noise. The SHE-Elevator the belt is made of polyurethane, so there is less friction than metal against metal in the case of cables. This system does not generate vibrations in the cabin or in the shaft, which translates into greater silence.

  1. The pulleys and the belt do not suffer from wear

The steel cables, unlike the belts, are subject to wear and are changed every three, four or five years depending on the use that is given to the elevator. With this system, the pulleys suffer because the steel cable itself wears them down, so they also have to be changed from time to time or repaired.

The throat is designed in a V-shape to prevent the cable from touching the bottom of it. However, with the passage of time, the cable is eating the throat and if it is not changed in time there comes a time when the cable rests with the base of this, causing damage to the pulley. If this happens, to change the pulley and the cables, the elevator will be disabled for an average of two days. This in SHE-Elevator does not happen since as it does not have a counterweight, the traction system suffers less and the belts practically do not wear out.

  1. Increased service life 

Our belt system, together with the oversized elements, ensures that the SHE-Elevator single-family elevator triples its useful life. It is prepared to work with an engine at 2000 revolutions per minute and our home lift models work at 18 revolutions per minute. In addition, it is designed to support platforms loads of up to 7000 kg and the heaviest SHE-Elevator model, including the entire cabin assembly plus 300 kg of load, is 700 kg, which means that the lift belt is practically never changed. 

  1. Financial savings

All this entails great financial savings for the end customer, who will also not have to be forced to withstand the  nuisance of stopping the lift for a couple of days as it is not necessary to replace the pulleys or the cable system.

If you are tired of installing home lifts being an odyssey that brings headaches, you have the solution to your problems in front of you. If you need more information about our SHE-Elevator domestic elevator or want to start marketing it, contact us.

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