Installing a homelift : 7 essential key aspects

When installing a home lift, it is necessary to collect some data beforehand, such as: the boarding(s), the number of stops or the minimum headroom, among others. At SHE-Elevator we want to help you with the assembly work. That is why we provide you with the 7 essential key points to install a domestic elevator optimally.

1- Minimum headroom

In order to install a home lift, a minimum clearance of 2.6 m. The minimum headroom represents the height between the ceiling of the house and the floor where the elevator makes the last stop.

2- Number of stops

The number of stops does not matter for the installation of a SHE-Elevator. As long as the maximum travel is 15 m, the necessary number of stops can be made. It will depend on the height between each one of them.

3- Shaft

Despite the fact that today’s home lifts are designed so that they can be installed practically anywhere, as is the case with SHE-Elevator, which only needs 1 m2, sometimes the house does not have that minimum shaft. In that case, different solutions adapted to the needs of the client and their home would have to be studied.

4- Accessible need or not

Related to the above, it is important to determine if you are looking for an accessible lift or not, given that the minimum car space will not be the same. In the case of being used by a person in a wheelchair, the minimum dimensions to be covered will be 1000 mm wide by 1250 mm deep.

5- Boarding

When installing a lift, it is necessary to know if you want a single or double boarding and if it is feasible to carry it out, that is, that the entrance and exit of the elevator be made from the same place or from different sides.

6- Pit

The pit of the SHE-Elevator is minimal, requiring only 190mm. However, it is a fact that should not be forgotten.

7- Electrical installation

Our domestic elevator is single-phase electric with low consumption, so it is not necessary to change the electrical installation of the house to be able to use it.

If you are interested in installing an elevator for houses, we can advise you and offer you a budget without any commitment. Contact us here. We accompany you in the assembly of the SHE-Elevator to help you with any doubts that may arise!

Meanwhile, download the brochure below for free and contact us for whenever you need it.

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