Home lifts for small spaces and easy assembly

 SHE-Elevator home lifts for reduced spaces are a real revolution, both for their advantages and their qualities. It is a single-phase electric home elevator that has no counterweight or machine room, which allows an economic price and a more comfortable and easy assembly.

Besides, Thanks to this absence we optimize the available space and make better use of the free space.

 In comparison with other home lifts, S.H.E-Elevator is a less cumbersome installation. This also makes the transport much lighter, saving in logistic problems or loss of material. At Simple Home, Elevator we aware of the difficulties that often arise when transporting or assembling the parts that comprise a home lift, so we send in a single package everything necessary for its installation. With this, we manage to avoid the loss of pieces and save space in the house until they are installed. The assembly of the S.H.E is finished in record time and with fewer workers. In less than a week, it will be ready to be used, even once it is placed in the house it does not need many final finishes, since even the electrical panel is configured.

It should be noted that it can be installed in very small spaces, as it only needs a little more than one square meter despite being suitable for use by people with reduced mobility.

Finally, its innovative and ergonomic design with refined lines and the latest generation materials used to provide complete integration with the dwelling, with the possibility of choosing between different finishes or even personalising the cabin.

2 thoughts on “Home lifts for small spaces and easy assembly”

  1. interesting, does it use roller guides or nylon inserts.
    what are the power saving advantages if it’s not counterweighted.
    can you send to this email actual photos or a vedio of a unit installed.
    I received a quote on 4 of these elevators for a townhome project and if I remember the cost was up there.
    so I quoted the mrl hydraulic.
    these townhomes still remain without elevators. I don’t know why? money I would suspect.
    It is the townhomes at 4th and Sylvania.

    • Hi Terry, We normally use nylon inserts, but we can use both solutions. The power saving comes from motor, the motor works with a power of 1.5 kw. We don’t need counterweight because our cabin and frame are really light.It’s for that we don’t need a lot of power to make it work.
      We will send you photos and brochure by mail. Regards


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