Holiday home transformation: adding a lift with style and ease

Imagine enjoying your seaside retreat without the hassle of stairs. At SHE-Elevator, we turned this dream into a reality for Asunción, seamlessly integrating a lift into her vacation home. Our expertise lies in creating accessible spaces that blend seamlessly with your existing decor, ensuring your holiday home remains a haven of comfort and style.

Key challenges of installing a lift in a vacation home

Optimizing space: Ensuring the lift doesn’t compromise the living area or bedrooms.
Tight timelines: Completing the installation before the peak summer season.

Our solution

Strategic Placement: The lift shaft was cleverly positioned in the living room next to the stairs, minimizing disruption to the home’s layout.
Modified Upper Floor: To preserve privacy, the shaft size was adjusted, and the room on the upper floor was redistributed, making it slightly smaller but still fully functional.
SHE 003 Model: This compact lift was ideal for the limited space, offering comfort and accessibility without sacrificing style.

Asunción’s testimonial:

“I’m delighted with the lift installation,” said Ms. Asunción, the homeowner. “The installation team was highly professional and efficient, and the final result is perfect. Now I can enjoy my summer home without worrying about the stairs.”

SHE-Elevator: Commitment to accessibility

Ms. Asunción’s satisfaction is a reflection of SHE-Elevator’s commitment to accessibility and customer well-being. This project demonstrates how SHE-Elevator’s models can be tailored to each user’s specific needs, even in cases with space limitations and tight deadlines.

Need a lift in your vacation home?

Contact us today, and our team will create a personalized solution tailored to your specific needs and space constraints.

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